From the glacier shrink and increase in sea levels to the occurrences of hurricanes, droughts or intensive heat waves, all of us are witnesses of climate change but still not well-aware of its effects.

It’s hard to imagine what impact those changes will have on our planet. But, things don’t…

As the push to go digital in various aspects of our lives intensifies, the need for companies to empower their employees with technologies is on the rise. Technologies like robotics, AI, and IoT are on their mission to redefine businesses and help free people’s hands from tedious tasks they have been performing in factories for a long time.

Robots are extraordinarily helpful machines — they can help increase safety, reduce costs, increase efficiency, enhance productivity, address labor shortage and perform routine tasks. Being driven by our mission to choose projects that can make a groundbreaking impact on the industry, we decided to join our strengths with partners and…

Everyone has heard of Android OS. And, there is a good reason why — it leveled the playing field in terms of what operating system new phones should use. In the turbulent new emerging market of smartphones, Android wanted to be independent of phones’ vendors and become a platform to…

Modern transportation solutions that have been fueled by IoT (The Internet of Things) technology have the potential to transform this industry by profoundly altering how transportation systems gather data and information by bringing together the major technical and business trends of mobility, automation, and data analytics. Developing a sustainable intelligent transportation system requires seamless integration and interoperability with emerging technologies, such as connected vehicles, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

What Is the IoT?

The Internet of Things concept is based on a network of physical objects equipped with adequate software (transportation logistics software, for example), sensors, computing power, and other similar technologies, creating an ecosystem of interconnected “things” capable of exchanging data among themselves and sharing contextual information using the Internet.

The advent…

The human mind and Artificial Intelligence are still learning to coexist, with the full potential and harmony of this exciting symbiosis and ubiquitous connectivity yet to be unfolded. Though AI is arguably still in its nascent stages, this technology has been permeating our lives for quite some time. Natural Language Processing, or NLP technology, is one of the most exciting components of AI and has been improving our online experience to an extent that most of us aren’t entirely aware of.

When we use Google Translate, Search Autocomplete, email filters, smart assistants, and numerous similar applications, we are actually harvesting the power of Natural Language Processing solutions.

What is Natural Language Processing & How Does It Work?

One of the critical (and quite challenging) steps toward the aforementioned symbiosis is AI’s ability to listen, speak, write, and ultimately understand human language…

Keep learning. Growing. Innovating. — Women Entrepreneurs Panel

Date: March 8, 2021, @ 4PM

Applications are open and you can join on this link.

HTEC Group is celebrating International Women’s Day by organizing an online all-women panel discussion Keep learning. Growing. Innovating., whose aim is to highlight the importance of an inclusive culture in tech.

This networking and…

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